A building project can feel something like starting a journey down a doubtful path. Even with the best intentions, clouded decisions and unanticipated problems can rise up as obstacles to divert you off course, often causing indecisiveness and caution in each step.

Many people, even those who have been through a building project, find this place at the beginning one of uncertainty and difficulty. There appear to be unending decisions to navigate and questions to address, quite often to issues that aren’t even known to exist at the start.

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Stone Tent Architecture

is here as a guide for you, to provide a process that brings clarity and light to the path, order to the decision making, purpose in the route selected and most of all confidence to keep walking forward. This process is ultimately like a map that shows you a well defined destination and a clear way to get there.


Real Solutions

Good architecture is not just about making beautiful buildings, but about crafting an architecture that meets your unique needs and tells your story, succeeding most by supporting and enhancing the lives of real people. This requires a building solution that addresses the reality and complexity of life with honesty, and frames a strong purpose for those that will be inhabiting, using and being served by your building. One of the goals at Stone Tent Architecture is to bring meaningful design to real people in their everyday lives.


Stone Tent Architecture assists clients in finding that strong purpose and confidence necessary to navigate the path to a successful building project. Ultimately, what we are all looking for is not just a building, but a strong and well supported life, business, ministry…