a house of living

a house of river leading into the land
flowing and walking, bringing and drinking,
past the trees, deeper and deeper

a house of division forming place, leaving others
this and that, here and there
field and forest, world and room

a house of thresholds crossing over, entering into
step and see, break and sunder,
edges of branches, boundaries of earth

a house of connection bringing that to this
above to below, out there in here,
gardens to dishes, sunlight to cups

a house of light clothing life with the sun
structure and light, function and vision,
morning's full risen, reflection and sight

a house of movement drawing through and toward
here is not there, knowing there through here
past the falling leaves, higher and higher

a house of rhythm setting this after that
again and again, darkness and light
closed into open, listening and dance

a house of place where pauses are thoughtful
rest and wait, know and learn
words upon waters, further and farther

a house of shelter covering more than a roof
door frames and blood, trading jackets for light
not gables of shingles, but realer and realer

a house of water gathering rain for the land
waters above and below, on the right and the left,
clean hands to receive, dry ground to pass through

a house of stories framing life with the stones
remember and sleep, wake and remember
fires and cooking, fuller and fuller

a house of sacrifice dying each day
leaving and finding, washing and burning
rest on the hearthstone, brighter and brighter


This could be a list of chapters out of a book about the architecture of the home. For now, they will have to just work as a series of thoughts that started coming to mind as I was thinking about our house.