Its been so long since I have posted I realized I have pre-snow photos still to show. So time to catch up.

Late fall and early winter was a muddy time of freezing and thawing.

Christine's and my shared office with windows.

Before I got the roof drain in the weather took matters into its own hands.

Looking out of the kitchen windows.

The southern facade

The east facade and main entry into the house.

Looking back out toward the main entry.

Looking out the large east window toward the driveway.

Looking west from within the house toward the woods.

The west facade

A look at the studio windows. The sliding patio door was installed a bit later.

The skylights were installed about the same time the rubber membrane of the roof was finished up. This was a happy day.

The door directly out of the kitchen to the south.

This is clearly a later photo, with the snow in the background, but I wanted to show the sliding door with the rest of the window install.